AI generated images have the power to transform how we consume visual content. But they also run the risk of being misunderstood or sparking online debate.

Experts have developed image-detecting AI systems capable of distinguishing fakes from genuine imagery in order to combat deep fakes that spread rapidly on social media. This step can provide invaluable protection from this threat.


Canva is a free online graphic design tool that makes creating images and designs simple and painless. Offering templates for social media posts, business cards, flyers, posters and other projects; its intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes creating professional-looking designs effortless.

Canva recently added the Text to Image feature, enabling users to enter text and instantly generate images based on its content. With AI powering this generator, digital marketers will find this an indispensable tool.

Teachers can utilize this technology to develop learning materials. After training it on text descriptions of people, objects, or scenes it can then create photorealistic images for use in social media posts, training curriculums and more.

Text to Image app uses an extensive library of images as training data to generate output in three basic styles: concept art, photograph and painting. Each style has its own distinct appearance – the more specific your text description is, the more accurate its results will be.

Canva offers more than just text to image features; Magic Edit and Eraser provide two additional AI-driven image editing tools, enabling you to add or replace anything within an image with just the click of a button.

AI-powered text editing can be an excellent way to distinguish your content and make it stand out. It can even be used creatively – for instance transforming an ordinary photo into something more exciting!

Canva offers another excellent feature – Magic Write – which allows users to generate text from scratch. This tool is especially beneficial to those starting a project but don’t possess either the time or writing abilities needed to produce original content from scratch.

Canva offers many other features that can enhance the aesthetics of your designs, including an impressive free font library and customizable layout options. Plus, Canva automatically saves as you work, so no worries are lost when working.


Jasper is an AI image generator powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 model to quickly and effortlessly produce unique, copyright-free images in seconds. Users can input written prompts or add in existing pieces of art as an input and generate stunning artworks with copyright protection that are also highly customisable.

The app features an intuitive user interface that enables users to describe what they envision their image to look like, including mood, medium, artist inspiration and style; or they can use custom prompts themselves. There’s even an advanced mode available for advanced users.

Clicking the “Create art” button, Jasper will produce four images from your input and let you select which one you like best based on feedback you provided – saving this valuable feedback and helping make more informed decisions next time you create an image.

Jasper Art also offers the benefit of automatically filtering out potentially sensitive or graphic text from images, protecting you against copyright issues and potential copyleft violations.

Jasper makes creating original images fast, easy, and cost-effective – at only $20 per month with unlimited image generation! Add this tool to your content marketing arsenal today and see the power it adds.

Jasper Art is currently the best AI image generator available on the market, featuring an expansive library of styles and moods to select from as well as various resizing options to ensure you create images suitable for your business needs.

To begin using Jasper, first create an account. During your trial version period of five days, pay $200 annually to upgrade to the standard plan.

Designers, bloggers and business owners will all find Jasper Art to be an indispensable AI-powered resource to easily produce beautiful content with minimal effort. Offering simple user interface and unlimited image generation without hidden fees; Jasper Art provides creators of all sizes with an effective tool.


Photosonic is an online tool that allows users to create realistic or artistic images using text descriptions by employing an advanced text-to-image AI model. By making adjustments and rerunning the model, users are able to control quality, diversity, and style of their generated images.

Use this app to create photorealistic images and illustrations with this application, the quality of which will depend on how complex and vague your text descriptions are; sometimes producing blurry, distorted and low-quality results.

To use Photosonic, first sign up and give Photosonic an outline of what kind of art you want to create – this will ensure it can produce optimal results.

This tool also offers a free trial period, giving you ample opportunity to experience its capabilities before purchasing. If you decide to go ahead with purchasing, your trial period includes 5 credits that should be enough to create basic images.

Use the free Google Imagen app as another method for quickly creating high-quality photos from text descriptions, even those written in different formats and times of the day or year. It even produces photos that seem to have been taken somewhere different altogether!

Notably, this app only generates original photos and art without copyrighted images, meaning you cannot create images of celebrities without their express consent as this could violate copyright laws.

However, this service can be an ideal solution for businesses that require high-resolution images for business projects or artist/graphic designer work. Furthermore, this tool makes an invaluable contribution towards project creation by offering high resolution photography at low costs and offering advanced image editing features such as cropping.

PhotoSonic is an easy and user-friendly text to image generator that uses latent diffusion to produce photorealistic imagery. The website is straightforward, while the artificial intelligence (AI) creates prompts with various text. In addition, this web service lets you select different art styles which is helpful if you require artwork with specific features or colors.


Midjourney is an AI image generator capable of creating photorealistic art quickly and effortlessly in just minutes. Additionally, its easy use means anyone can experiment with it!

Start off by creating a free trial account on Discord and joining Midjourney’s beta server. There you will receive prompts to work from, so make sure to provide as many details as possible about what you would like for your finished artwork.

Once the Midjourney bot analyzes your input, it will present you with a grid of images that closely resemble what was described to it. Pick one you like best and press “U” to upscale into a larger, more distinct version. Pressing “V” creates variations of that image while refreshing will reroll new options for this job.

Once your image is generated, simply tap “Envelope” to direct message it directly to yourself and save or view in full size later in a browser.

Since their text-image AI’s initial release in 2022, Midjourney’s team of developers have made many upgrades to it. They’ve improved model quality by eliminating misshapen hands and drawing accurate fingers; as well as adding many options for creating images such as better lighting and fabric textures.

Midjourney still falls prey to training biases that lead to inaccurate output; how or if Midjourney will address these problems remains uncertain; nonetheless, its impressive results make it an influential contender in AI-generated images.

Midjourney doesn’t impose many restrictions on its text-image AI, enabling users to generate images that might otherwise not be allowed using other image generators. However, there are some content rules in place such as those prohibiting violent or sexually explicit imagery.

Midjourney is an easy and straightforward tool for creating AI generated images quickly. Its ease of use, high-quality output and versatility distinguish it from other AI image generators; plus it can generate images that span different styles and subjects easily without the need to learn complicated programming or coding languages.

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