AI generated images can add a splash of personality and creativity to any design project, whether that is blog post images or just something different that sparks your interest – there are endless options for AI generated images to choose from!

Starry AI’s digital art generating capabilities are split into two sections – Altair (which creates dream-like images) and Orion (which produces “unreal reality”). You can select styles, canvas sizes, as well as determine how closely to adhere to text you want it to.


Jasper is an AI tool designed to make image creation simpler for marketers, writers, bloggers and social media marketers. Additionally, its AI writing assistant makes writing blog posts, articles or social media postings much simpler.

Jasper Art is an AI-powered image generator tool offered by the company that features an easy-to-use interface to allow for creation of both photorealistic and cartoonish works of digital artwork.

Utilizing this tool is both straightforward and free; simply register, and the Jasper Art AI will start producing images instantly! It is an excellent way to get started in digital art creation.

However, when using Jasper Art there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. You must carefully select which images to use; using images from other artists could put you in legal hot water over copyright issues. Furthermore, generated images may vary in quality and style which could prove frustrating if you require specific results.

Another downside of this tool is that it often relies too heavily on inspiration from the internet; this can present problems when working with images belonging to celebrities whose images may be subject to copyright regulations.

Checking the license of any image used is also essential, since some companies charge fees to use their generators while others offer creative commons licenses.

As a blogger or marketer, it is crucial that you ensure you do not break any laws when using an AI engine-generated image. This includes using photographs without their explicit consent as well as those created by another artist that have copyright issues.

Final tip: it is essential that images can be resized easily. Reducing their size may prove challenging with some image generators; therefore it is recommended that you seek tools which enable this.

There are various tools out there that allow users to generate images from text input. While some tools might be more affordable than others, if you’re on a tight budget try NightCafe; their free trial gives you plenty of chances to generate images that you can share with fellow members as well as share them among themselves.


Photosonic is an incredible AI-powered art generator, offering the ability to produce stunningly beautiful designs using text, descriptions and an image or photo. Packed with amazing features that enable effortless creation of professional-looking graphics, posters and cartoonish illustrations – Photosonic makes creating astonishing artwork effortless!

Add an artistic element to your content and improve brand image with these creative templates for blog posts, social media profiles, newsletters and advertising and marketing materials.

This service is completely free to use, though registration is necessary. Utilizing its proprietary Ai technology that scans through captions to generate images based on what has been written by you, the service produces multiple options so you can choose your ideal solution.

Dream is an enjoyable and entertaining way to create images, but may not provide high-quality and original results. If you appreciate its wide array of styles and art options however, then giving Dream a try could be well worth your while.

DALL-E mini is another intriguing solution, employing latent diffusion to generate realistic or artistic images from any written description. Gradually, its algorithm converts random noise images into coherent ones that match text; you can modify your description or rerun the model to alter quality, diversity and style of images generated.

Dall-E mini goes beyond its basic text-to-image conversion feature by offering an AI content filter which removes sensitive or offensive words from images generated. This makes it an excellent solution for those uncomfortable with producing images containing controversial topics like hate or harassment.

BigSleep is an AI image generator known for creating captivating photos from scratch. The website’s intuitive design offers all of the tools required for assembly, editing and saving of creations.

Service also features an AI background remover feature that quickly recognizes subjects and cuts away the background in an effortless fashion. Plus, photo enhancers help crop, retouch, add filters, borders, or scenes to images for enhancement purposes.


Midjourney is a new art generator using artificial intelligence (AI) to produce images based on text prompts. This service has gained immense popularity recently and provides an ideal option for anyone wanting to generate their own unique artwork.

Midjourney makes creating AI art straightforward, though mastering its use takes practice to achieve optimal results. Simply type out what prompt you would like your bot to produce before following up with the “/imagine” command for even better results.

Start generating by joining Midjourney’s Discord server and creating an account there. A free trial period may allow you to test out their service; once a subscription has been purchased you may freely use their art as long as they comply with their terms and conditions.

Your first task in using Midjourney will be selecting a prompt. This could range from something as basic as landscape to an intricate scene or drawing your favorite character, and Midjourney responds best when more information is given about what you want it to create. When writing out the prompt for Midjourney, make sure that as much details as possible are given for best results; additionally using commas when describing images helps Midjourney understand exactly what image(s) to generate for you.

Once your image has been completed, the next step should be selecting variations and upscaling options. Below your image you will see four grid images numbered U1 through U4. Clicking any one will produce a higher-resolution corresponding image. Additionally, clicking redo allows for further exploration with new results being generated each time through.

These options allow for added detail in the final image, making them an excellent way to maximize Midjourney generated art. But keep in mind that using them will use up all your free prompts!

Midjourney provides several tools that allow users to alter the way it generates images, such as aspect ratios, chaos levels, negative prompting and rendering quality. Users may also select different models designed specifically for specific types of images to produce various effects.


Craiyon is a free tool that enables users to generate images based on text descriptions. Formerly known as DALL-E Mini, it was recently rebranded as Craiyon.

This AI model can produce realistic-looking images based on prompts that you enter. Initially trained using pictures and text descriptions from a database of pictures and descriptions, it recognizes shapes, color combinations, line thicknesses and differences in perspective – as well as mimic the styles of notable artists like Frida Kahlo or Gustav Klimt.

Although AI can create some incredible images, it still has some shortcomings that lead to inaccurate results – for instance, sometimes producing fuzzy-looking pictures of women or men in judge robes.

Though limited, it can still prove extremely helpful for digital marketers and eCommerce business owners alike, as it helps create high-quality product images quickly and efficiently.

Create captivating graphics for social media posts and other visual content creation. Improve email marketing campaigns and landing pages.

This software allows users to easily create various images, from anime characters and paintings to 3D objects and more. The interface is user-friendly; users can adjust colors, shapes, sizes and other design elements easily for creating their ideal picture.

Craiyon provides more than just image generation services; they also provide a library of preexisting images which can serve as sources of inspiration, which may prove particularly helpful for beginners in creating images.

One of the great advantages of Craiyon is its affordability; users don’t need to spend any money for an AI-powered image generator to experiment.

Craiyon differs from DALL-E 2 in that its development was undertaken independently, without funding from OpenAI or donations and ads for support.

Craiyon can be daunting at first, but is an invaluable tool for anyone who wishes to create eye-catching content. Social media managers and digital marketers who wish to attract more eyeballs to their websites could benefit immensely, while eCommerce businesses that want to add a distinctive edge could find Craiyon particularly beneficial as well.

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