Imagery is an integral component of any marketing campaign, yet many small businesses lack the budget or time required to hire professional photographers or spend hours editing photos post-production.

Thanks to free AI text-to-image generators, there are now various tools that can assist in turning any concept or idea into beautiful artwork.

NightCafe Creator

NightCafe Creator is an AI art generator that will make your images appear professional, using advanced neural network technology. This process is quick, accurate and straightforward – even your favorite photos can become artworks with just a few clicks!

NightCafe is unlike other AI art programs in that it doesn’t require subscription fees to use. Simply log into or create an instant temporary account on their website, and visit their Studio where all the magic occurs. From here, select which generative AI model (the default is StableDiffusion is one such model but there are others such as VQGAN+CLIP and OpenAI DALL-E 2) you wish to utilize when beginning to develop art – StableDiffusion being just one option among many such as VQGAN+CLIP or OpenAI DALL-E 2 as you develop your artwork from there!

Once your art is complete, it can be shared on social media or sent directly to friends. NightCafe also features a vibrant built-in community where users upload and view each other’s creations – which serves as an ideal opportunity to gain inspiration and learn from fellow users.

NightCafe’s mission is to democratize art creation with artificial intelligence (AI). Contrary to what some may believe, AI doesn’t aim to replace artists; rather it allows anyone from novice artists to experienced ones to create art without limitations due to skill level or experience. NightCafe does this using two AI algorithms from Elon Musk’s OpenAI: VQGAN for generative adversarial neural network generation and CLIP image recognition algorithm for image recognition – together, these two can generate images which are both relevant and appealing at once – combined, NightCafe can generate images which both relevant and appealing!


Stablecog is an AI image-generating software that utilizes sophisticated algorithms to produce visually striking images. The program is user-friendly, offering multiple customization options and convenient scalability and accuracy features that make it a suitable solution for personal and professional uses alike. Companies needing fast analysis of large sets of data can benefit immensely from using Stablecog.

Stablecog enables users to generate eye-catching images using text prompts, creating high-quality content for social media or marketing campaigns. Furthermore, its image processing features can be used to improve existing photos using filters, sizing options, and color correction tools. Finally, Stablecog provides a pay-as-you-go plan for those wanting to try AI text generation for the first time.

Software also provides several additional advantages, including advanced data analysis and automated optimization techniques that enable businesses to utilize resources more effectively while decreasing costs, improving customer experiences, sales performance and operational efficiencies, while helping organizations save time.

This software is free for users, enabling them to upload images for processing. While the free version only supports square 1:1 images, users may upgrade to a pro subscription for faster processing times and higher image dimensions. Stablecog Pro includes additional inference steps and AI models, along with an image resizing feature to increase image resolution. As an open-source project that welcomes community contributions to improve its functionality, its wide variety of visual effects and styles makes it ideal for artists, animators, comic creators, designers, developers and more. Plus, Stablecog works across languages so users from various linguistic backgrounds can collaborate to produce captivating visuals!


ArtBreeder is an AI image generator that enables users to generate complex creative images. Using Generative Adversarial Networks such as BigGAN and StyleGAN models, ArtBreeder creates images which meet users’ imagination. It is a useful tool for artists and others seeking to produce realistic portraits and landscapes.

ArtBreeder AI image generator works through a straightforward four-step process. Users begin by choosing their base photo. After selecting their gene selections for the image generation process – such as saturation, brightness, hue and sharpness controls – users may also apply filters or choose download/share their finished result with others.

ArtBreeder offers another benefit in terms of creating realistic photos with various poses and facial expressions, making it suitable for creating character portraits for animations or books. Furthermore, ArtBreeder features several other useful functions, including text-to-image conversion capabilities.

ArtBreeder AI may offer many advantages, yet still be challenging to use. A good prompt will allow the AI to accurately recreate your vision; include information such as lighting, art style and subject. In addition, use images with high resolution so your final result will be as precise as possible.

Dream by Wombo

Dream by Wombo stands apart from other AI art tools by offering four choices for an image you would like created, from vibrant to dark to melancholic – you can even select an artist as inspiration – making this tool the ideal way to find images for posters, websites or video games.

Once you’ve selected an art style, click Create to see your artwork come alive. If the results don’t meet your standards, try again with another art style; alternatively you can download your work offline by tapping Download; this allows you to use it as your wallpaper or device background and name/hide the original prompt if necessary.

Dream by Wombo AI art generator provides an exciting way to stimulate creative thought and test your imagination. The program understands common language and produces decent-quality images – particularly landscapes and buildings. Furthermore, its easy interface makes tinkering enjoyable as you experiment with various styles and approaches.

Dream by Wombo is a free app that enables users to create amazing digital paintings using text prompts. Its artificial intelligence quickly transforms words into photos and artworks in seconds – just enter a description and select an art style, then sit back and watch the magic happen! Dream is available on iOS and Android devices; for more information please visit Dream’s official website.

Lensa AI

Recently you may have seen images featuring people as fairies, princesses, astronauts or anime characters appearing on social media. These illustrations are due to a new feature within digital editing app Lensa AI’s Magic Avatars tool allowing users to provide photos of themselves that can then be transformed into one of these fantasy images for as little as $3.99. It has quickly become a hit, reaching number one on App Store’s Photo and Video chart according to analytics firm SensorTower and quickly rising in popularity with users; yet has come under scrutiny due to concerns such as its terms of service as well as allegations that it stealing artists work from artists.

The app employs the Stable Diffusion model to generate its avatars. This method involves scraping public images from the internet – including those with copyrights – without infringing upon any rights; they were deleted from their servers after generation so there would be no risk of privacy breaches.

However, some have voiced complaints that Lensa AI employs an inequitable and gender biased algorithm when creating avatars for its users. Black users claim their skin has been “whitened”, while others have noted larger breasts produced by Lensa AI avatars. Fat Acceptance activist Aubrey Gordon noted Lensa AI makes her appear thinner than she actually is while other women have expressed anxiety-inducing body retouching capabilities within Lensa AI.

The company has taken notice of issues raised by some users and is actively working towards finding solutions. They include adding an NSFW filter which will obscure images deemed inappropriate as well as creating an advertising campaign to inform users about its limitations and increasing diversity within their staff.

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