AI image generators make life much simpler for creative professionals, business owners, or anyone just wanting a fun way to express themselves – whether that means creative professionals working on creative projects for clients, business owners running their own operations or anyone looking for an engaging way to express themselves creatively. These free tools take text prompts and turn them into images automatically for you.

Jasper Art stands out as an image-to-art generator that offers copyright-free results. Their free service requires no registration and offers four image-to-art credits daily.

Jasper Art

Jasper Art is an innovative AI image generator that makes creating images easy with just a few words. Utilizing OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 model, this powerful tool produces copyright-free digital images in seconds – ideal for blogs, social media posts and email campaigns as well as creating customized ones! Plus it provides access to an impressive library of visuals for any type of project!

To get started with Jasper Art, simply login to your dashboard and provide a text description of the type of image you desire. Be as descriptive as desired but keep in mind that output quality relies heavily on how accurate and detailed inputs are. Furthermore, keywords can narrow your search results for improved accuracy and precision.

Once you’ve described your desired image, Jasper Art uses AI technology to generate something as close as possible to what you imagined. Once satisfied with its results, save them or print them out. Jasper Art features an easy and user-friendly interface making this process hassle free.

One of the great strengths of Jasper Art lies in its ability to recreate images in the style of famous artists like Monet, Picasso and Warhol. Additionally, Jasper Art can draw popular faces or characters. This feature can be especially helpful for marketers needing images that resemble specific people.

Jasper Art isn’t free, but it offers reasonable pricing at $20/month or $200 annually, including a 5-day free trial period. In addition, Jasper Art boasts a robust community that connects creatives to share tips.


Photosonic offers an easy and efficient AI image generator to help you produce unique graphics, as well as providing high-quality results. Plus, its interface makes creating abstract art effortless. Plus, Photosonic constantly works to upgrade their AI technology for optimal results!

Photosonic is an excellent solution for photographers looking to save both time and money when creating unique images for blog posts or social media. Powered by an AI-powered text-to-image system that draws from an extensive library of photographs and descriptions, Photosonic creates images that accurately represent what was described. Furthermore, users can edit and download as many images they need without incurring additional fees or charges.

Photosonic makes use of Google Drive integration to make uploading existing content and using it in AI-generated images easy, making this feature particularly valuable to marketers who repurpose content for advertising and marketing purposes. With dozens of templates such as Amazon product descriptions, classic marketing frameworks and real estate listing descriptions available – every marketer is likely to find one suitable to their needs!

Photosonic’s free AI art generator is easy to use and requires no special training to operate. Simply upload an image or URL that matches what you’re searching for and create an HD quality image, download and share with anyone online – safe from all data privacy regulations as the AI image creator hosts on secure servers and ensures data safety compliance.


AI image generators have opened new paths of creative expression. From realistic photos to surreal and abstract concepts, these AI image generators provide artists, designers and photographers with valuable tools that allow them to express themselves artistically. However, such tools can often be daunting and costly to use; there are several free image generators out there which may help unleash your creativity!

ArtBreeder is an AI portrait and landscape image generator with unparalleled outputs, known for its impressive outputs. Utilizing GANs to produce images based on descriptions provided by users – ArtBreeder produces stunning outputs free of watermarks!

This tool offers an optional paid plan, which offers more accurate results in 10 seconds or less and allows for further editing of generated images. Ideal for business owners and marketers seeking high-quality visuals for marketing campaigns. DALL-E 2 does not permit editing the generated images beyond basic manipulation capabilities.

Zizoto is another highly acclaimed AI image generator. This tool uses neural style transfer – an optimization technique – to convert content images into artwork inspired by famous paintings like Monet and Picasso, perfect for getting ideas for your next painting project.

Starryai is an image-to-art generator that allows users to easily generate NFTs of their artwork, providing an excellent tool for those wanting to add personalized art pieces for social media posts or personal websites. Furthermore, starryai integrates easily with external systems and applications, making integration even simpler into custom workflows or creative processes.

starryai goes beyond image-to-art capabilities by also upscaling original prompts to up to 1280 x 1680 pixels resolution for high-resolution printing or large posters. This feature makes starryai an invaluable asset when creating high-resolution artwork or posters with large formats.

Dream by Wombo

Wombo Dream is a free image-editing program that employs artificial intelligence to produce abstract artworks using user input. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Wombo Dream works with various image styles allowing users to upload an image, use one of the preloaded styles or even choose their own personal one and get creative! Once complete, users can share or sell prints of their masterpieces.

This app is easy and does not require registration to use its AI art generator. When first opening the app, just tap “Get Started” for instant access to this feature. Users can also sign in immediately via their email address or social media accounts and access their AI art generator right away – users can download their images as JPG files or set them as wallpapers before sharing their creations on Facebook and Twitter!

Dream by Wombo stands apart from other AI-powered photo editing programs by employing image recognition to produce realistic photos. The software recognizes objects and scenery to serve as inspiration when crafting unique artwork just for each user – an excellent feature for those hoping to impress their friends with original pieces of artwork!

The program has earned praise for its speed and ease of use. Its intuitive user-interface enables users to easily create beautiful art using only prompts from its user-friendly interface, even creating portraits of animals and people without any distortion or blurriness. Both its mobile app and web-based version offer free downloads while their respective NFT services also enable buyers to purchase prints of their artworks.

Lensa AI

Recent social media posts featuring illustrated portraits of people dressed up as fairy princesses or anime characters is likely due to Lensa AI, a free photo editing app which creates magical avatars from user photos. Prisma Labs, however, has come under criticism for using images from around the web – including copyrighted work – to train its algorithm, sparking debate among artists who believe Lensa AI is taking credit from them and erasing their work.

Lensa AI app requires payment to access its full features; while Magic Avatar is free. Furthermore, Lensa AI’s privacy policy states that any information collected from users will be used solely for its own purposes – possibly including sharing it with third parties such as facial recognition software providers or sharing contact details of those using Lensa. This information could include facial recognition data, geolocation details or contact details of those that opt-in.

As well as privacy issues, many users have voiced concerns regarding Lensa’s representation of their bodies in its avatars. Black users have complained that Lensa whitewashes their skin tone; women have complained it creates overly sexualized images of them; while still others have pointed out how Lensa makes them appear thinner than they actually are, sparking body dysmorphia concerns.

Although this is a legitimate concern, the company has addressed these worries by noting that models used in its Magic Avatars app will only be stored for 10 minutes after users create avatars, with metadata removed after use. Furthermore, no images from users will be used for other AI training initiatives; still it is wise for individuals to carefully consider their privacy rights before engaging with any generative applications.

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