A text to image feature allows you to send a text message with information about an image. Once the feature is enabled, you can send an image and then your phone will convert the text into an interactive, phone-based experience where you can touch and/or move the image to change details such as location, size, and orientation.

Using this feature is fun as well as it gives you another way to communicate. Some people use it for fun messages or notes instead of emails or letters. It also can be used by someone else to send you an image while adding a little extra special touches such as a message in brackets or a link so you can go back if needed.

This feature is not available by default on most phones, so users must be invited. If not enough people use it, then the lack of this feature will be noticed and fixed.

Upload video

how does text to image work

Now we can start filming! can start shooting footage by pressing the record button on your phone or pressing the capture button on your laptop or phone.

There are two ways to upload video onto your device. You can go into the camera app and drag and drop the video into it, or you can upload it as a file via your computer.

The second way to upload video is to use the transfer method. This means you must link your camera or phone to a computer using a USB cable.

You may want to do this if you are going somewhere where there is limited wireless coverage, or if you have an event coming up that needs footage. finally, you can use software for both phones and computers that will import the video onto your device.

Select images

how does text to image work

When you want to send an image, you select images at the same time. You can either upload them directly to the app or import them from another image app.

The app automatically selects the correct background and puts up a warning if there is not enough room for the text. If you are comfortable with that, then go for it!

If your image has kids or a baby, then it is recommended that you do not send an image of a newborn or child because it may be too dark to clearly see the face. Instead, send an older child or adult family member who can adequately protect their privacy well.

Choose font

how does text to image work

When creating text, you have two font choices. One is a classic sans-serif font such as Arial, the other is a starkly serific font such as Futura.

If you choose the starkly serific font, you can control how thick the letters are or whether they are rounded or sharp. You can also pick whether the letters are one or two lines of text.

Both of these features come in handy when creating text messages or email addresses. If your text message or email address looks too fancy, you may be sending and receiving too much data too quickly.

By using a simpler font that is not elegant enough for a phone to send and accept, you will be better protected from hackers.

Select font size

how does text to image work

Now, select a font size bigger or smaller. If you choose a smaller size, the text will appear bigger in the screen or paper. If you choose a larger size, the text will appear smaller in the screen or paper.

How to change font size later on when designing content for your website or app.

Choose color scheme

how does text to image work

Choosing a color scheme is an integral part to choosing how your phone looks. There are multiple ways to match your phone and style, so choose!

There are three main color schemes in which devices are paired together: red-green, gray-blue, and black-blue. Each of these color schemes have a special meaning or purpose.

Red-green pairs well with green devices and gray-blue with blue devices. Together, they create a classic look that is loved by many.

Create canvas print

how does text to image work

Now that we have the cell phone synced to the computer, we can create a canvas print. Canvas prints are popular due to their ability to last for years without being in flux.

Canvas prints are made by placing your image on a piece of paper and then scoring and pressing down the paper to create a frame for your image. Then, you let it dry before moving onto the next step.

This process of scoring and pressing down the paper to create the frame takes quite some time and sometimes it doesn’t come out perfectly on the first try. You have to keep pushing and pulling on it until it looks like one final push and pull has created the frame.

Once it’s done, you can hanging it up or transporting it if you’re creating a custom canvas print.

Review & order

how does text to image work

Text to image is a useful feature of smartphone apps and websites. By linking a smartphone or tablet device to your computer or phone, you can then view and edit images and text without changing any other settings.

Mostly used in the professional world, this feature is highly valuable. You can quickly send an email attachment or PDF document as long as it has been formatted properly and converted to an image and text format.

You can also link a mobile device to your computer using USB data connection, making it easily accessible. This is very helpful for those who can’t print well or documents cannot be printed due to lack of information on them.

In the past, this was only available on computers, making it not very convenient to access.

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