Doing generated images is a very advanced technique that only professional photographers use. However, you can create limited by yourself if you have a standalone app or tool.

It is not for everyone, as it requires a bit of skill and experience. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do almost every type of image imaginable.

There are many different ways to do generated images. Many use Photoshop, but there are also standalone apps and tools. A popular one is Getty Images Image Generator Delta, found in the App Store both free and paid.

We will look at how to do this more in depth in this article, but for now let us look at some typical examples.

The original Getty Images image generator has several tabs that you can use: color tab, shape tab, and texture tab. Each of these give you different types of images based on your needs.

Convert image to black and white

how to do ai generated images

The latest way to do an augmentation is through the generation of artificial images. This is called converted image or black and white mode.

Converted image is very simple to do. All you need to do is go to a website that has a black and white mode, and then you can convert your picture into this mode.

This can be tricky though. Some pictures look better in black and white mode than others. This depends on the shade of the picture, what it says, et cetera!

To get started, create a new document and give it a name.

Run through AI generator

how to do ai generated images

An example of an AI generated image is when digital images are run through a computer program that generates fictional images such as pixels flowing in a picture, or design patterns.

This method can be used for editorial content, product images, and information graphics. The best times to use this method is for pictures around holidays and events to add a little flair to your content.

When running the image through the AI generator, your picture may look odd at first but once you look at it in the right light, it can be a nice hidden surprise.

Adjust settings for image

how to do ai generated images

When doing automated image detection, you will need to set some settings. The most notable are the number of images detected and the maximum number of images detected.

Most notably, when doing automatic image detection, set the number of images to at least one! This is to ensure that when an image is detected, it is counted as a photo.

Set the number of photos detected to at least one too, as too many pictures would not be represented as a vector in an image. As well as these two setting, turn on any other features you want such as sound or motion detection.

This will help strengthen the image generated by your app or platform. Now that your app has generated an image, change up the style and size so it looks like an actual photo did.

Save generated image

how to do ai generated images

Once your image has been generated, you can save it by either clicking the SAVE button at the top of the image.

This will take your image down and place a link to it in your queue. You can then re-generate the image at any time by coming back to this page and linking your social accounts.

Alternatively, you can go to and download the file as a text file. Then, you can import it into Artworka or DaVinci Resolve to generate an animated image.

Try again with new settings

how to do ai generated images

This time try using a different setting. If the image looks too busy, decrease the number of layers or increase the complexity of those layers.

You can change it in relation to how light or dark the image is. For instance, if the image is very light, then you would use very low quality layer backgrounds to make the image look more pronounced.

Similarly, if the image is dark, then you would use heavier backgrounds to balance out the contrast. By doing this, you will discover what images look best onyougegenüber! These settings can be experimentally found by changing them and seeing what happens.

Make a note of these settings so that you can try them on future images.

Learn how to use the generator

how to do ai generated images

Using the generated image feature, you can create images that look like artificial intelligence is running your phone. It is ideal for creating images where the lines look like walking or running, and the shape looks like an AI is processing your orders.

When you give it a image, it will process your order and generate another image that looks similar to what you ordered. This is useful if you have people coming to eat, or they order different things than you do.

You can also use this feature on still images, although these will be much smaller than those used for graphics. This can also be useful for creating profile pictures for restaurants or when someone orders something unusual.

This is not a permanent fix, however. You must ensure that the machine learning process that generates images has been fixed so it does not break when people change orders or things go out of style.

Understand what is happening

how to do ai generated images

When a algorithm is running, it can determine when images or data are interesting enough to generate an image for a given context. When it does, your app will display an image generated by the algorithm.

This is called a generated image. They can be useful to preview images before they are uploaded to the server, so users have some guidance on what they are looking for.

A typical use case is when users are trying to figure out what product they should buy and an article looks like a satisfying purchase would make them happy. They would choose something that looked good to them, was functional, and was not too detailed or complex.

When the algorithm runs its tests, it may find something interesting in the same picture more than once. This is called multiple generation of an image. Neither generation will cause conflict with the other as both test similar things.

Use better images

While doing computer processing, there are several things that you can use as images to enhance your algorithms. You can get very professional looking images by using your phone, laptop, or computer.

Many software programs have built-in features that allow you to do this. I recommend checking these out first, though!

Using a third-party app is also an optionquelasenough! You will have to find the right one for you, however. Many offer free trial versions of their apps so that you can try them out first.

If you are more creative than the average algorithm generated image can be, you may be able to create your own image based on what effect you want and where to buy them.

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