This free AI text-to-image generator is easy and ideal for beginners. Utilizing Stable Diffusion image synthesis model, this generator creates stunning AI art from any descriptive text you enter.

Midjourney may not have quite as many impressive images as some of its counterparts on this list, but it still can create captivating designs and can help with concept design projects.

NightCafe Creator

NightCafe Creator now comes equipped with features designed to improve usability and performance, making photo creation much simpler for users. They can now produce high-resolution images and drawings quickly while supporting various art styles as well as offering many text prompts to choose from.

This software uses a coherent model to draw images based on text prompts you provide, creating unique artwork that represents your imagination. Use it for any purpose from social media sharing to logo creation! Plus it’s completely free!

NightCafe’s mission is to democratize AI art creation. Their credit system rewards users for creating pieces, while there’s also a vibrant community surrounding this platform. There are daily theme competitions as well as fair design contests hosted on NightCafe; once registered you’ll receive five free credits. Once enough credits have been accrued you can purchase more in order to produce even more art pieces!

Once you click “create,” a list of options will appear for you to select from. There are four models you can select: Stable Diffusion, OpenAI DALL-E 2, Coherent (CLIP-Guided Diffusion), and Artistic (VQGAN+CLIP). Each one of these models is optimized for producing specific types of art and ultimately yields high-resolution images suitable for any purpose.

Once you select a model to use, you can customize its settings to further refine its image. Make adjustments to its background and effects; or even create your own customized templates to save both time and effort!

Another key benefit of this tool is that anyone, no matter their coding ability, can use it. With its user-friendly interface and FAQ section that provide answers and helpful advice for AI photo creation.

NightCafe stands out from previous text-to-image algorithms with its novel creation methods, which are an order of magnitude better. To pay homage to Vincent Van Gogh’s classic painting “The Night Cafe,” NightCafe can be downloaded for free online as well as iOS and Android phones.


Craiyon is an image creation engine powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its interface consists of a text box where users enter their desired description for creating images, which Craiyon then uses to either produce new ones from existing images, or combine several into one new image. Once completed, Craiyon displays them onscreen as well as allows you to download them in various formats for future use or upload your own photos for personal customization within Craiyon itself.

Boris Dayma developed his Image Generator as part of a coding competition. Trained on vast amounts of visual and natural language processing data, its capabilities included distinguishing shapes, line thicknesses, and differences in perspectives based on what information was fed into it – this enabled it to produce numerous recognisable images that have quickly become viral online and elsewhere.

Users have taken to using this tool for making memes, with hilarious results. Images appear as though captured from security cameras, trail cams or courtroom sketch artists; others feature popular video games, TV shows and collectibles like Barack Obama playing Fortnite or an image of the latest gaming toilet – or anything in between!

Craiyon can create professional-looking images for online marketing campaigns beyond memes, helping you attract and retain customers, improve website visibility, and increase engagement rates. Try it now free – its easy use consists of entering an image description followed by selecting an artistic style before clicking the upscale button for instant download or the Create New Prompt button for quick prototyping of another prompt prompt.

VanceAI is an impressive online platform offering an AI drawing tool, image upscalers and enhancers, and more. Users can utilize VanceAI from any device with images created being suitable for commercial and personal use alike. There’s even an Android app which works the same way!


DreamStudio is an image generation tool using the Stable Diffusion model to produce stunning graphics. As part of next-generation AI models, this generator transforms text input into stunning pictures and can generate complex, realistic and realistic looking artwork that looks as though created by humans. DreamStudio is free for use, although an account is required. To get started simply enter text prompts into its interface before customizing settings before clicking “Dream.”

DreamStudio allows you to easily generate images using various styles. There are sliders to enable you to control image output such as size, steps and resolution; additionally you can change its seed to generate unique results for image generation.

Once you select your style, an image will be instantly generated for download or editing to further tweak it. Re-dream the image for new variations of its creation!

DreamStudio provides newcomers with free credits to explore its services and features, making the program ideal for first-time users who may require some guidance while exploring this tool. When your credits run out, more can be purchased in My Account; DreamStudio supports most major browsers and mobile devices; its API even enables integration into other applications!

DreamStudio features an intuitive user interface, making it the ideal choice for both beginner and experienced users alike. Navigating through its various options is effortless; while using advanced settings you can even further customize your design. From enhance to anime to origami styles – as well as cinematic or digital art features – there is something here for every designer and style preference.

Choose your desired image resolution and steps when customizing an image, but be mindful that these settings can have an effect on how many credits are consumed; higher settings mean more costly images generated; additionally, NSFW filters may automatically apply to images to obscure content that’s considered unsuitable for public consumption.


Wepik is a free AI-powered presentation generator that allows users to easily create personalized and editable presentations. Perfect for individuals or businesses alike, Wepik features hundreds of templates suitable for marketing, education, social media use and more. Furthermore, the editing tool makes adding interactive elements like GIFs, stickers hashtags or music easier while Wepik boasts an extensive library of images and design elements for customization purposes.

Wepik provides access to tools typically reserved for premium users, including its easy background removal feature for editing photos and graphics for designs. Furthermore, its free online editor works seamlessly with Freepik and Flaticon resources so that editing any image on Wepik requires no additional software or tools.

Wepik offers an iOS and Android mobile app to make accessing its features even when on the move easy, enabling you to easily make and share creations with friends and colleagues, upload designs directly onto computers or tablets without manually saving files – saving both time and effort in doing so.

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