AI image generators allow you to turn your ideas into art simply by typing text descriptions or prompts. These images can then be used for various purposes ranging from branding and social media posts.

DALL-E 2, developed by OpenAI, is one of the most sought-after AI art generators. Available as a free NFT program and providing full ownership rights over any artwork it generates, DALL-E 2 remains popular with artists of all types.


Freepik is an AI image generator with great potential. It is capable of quickly producing high-quality images quickly and effortlessly, offering real life photos, anime characters, night scenes, as well as many other options. While Freepik is free, some limitations apply; see here for details.

Freepik requires a Microsoft account in order to generate images, making this application an ideal solution for non-designers looking to create visually engaging graphics for social media and other online platforms. With multiple photo styles and an easy user-friendly interface, Freepik also provides custom backgrounds and text that make any graphic truly stand out.

This free text-to-image AI image generator uses CLIP (Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training) technology to quickly produce images in response to specific prompts. Results appear almost instantly, while its credits system can be difficult to navigate; users who registered before April 6 2023 can keep the original terms, with 15 free credits that automatically replenish at the end of every month; new users must purchase at least 115 credits at $15 each in order to use this service.

Craiyon, another text-to-image AI generator, is an alternative to Bing Image Generator that’s often overlooked. One of the easiest of its kind, Craiyon provides several styles such as cute creatures, fantasy worlds, cyberpunk, old paintings and abstract imagery for free download. Images produced by this text-to-image AI generator come with watermarks but you can still download them at high quality.

Bing Image Creator, another AI image generator, features several useful tools that can make your content stand out. Convert text into images and customize color palettes – making this tool suitable for visual bloggers and marketers who often struggle to comprehend its complex functions; advanced image editing/retouching tools may be difficult to learn as well as being difficult to use; however, Bing Image Creator stands out as being free-to-use without needing any coding knowledge – unlike most image creation software packages!


Wepik has quickly become one of the go-to graphic design tools with its ever-expanding selection of templates, making it one of the most widely used graphic design programs available today. Curated and produced by professionals, Wepik’s free content enables users to make everything from business cards and social media posts to AI-powered presentation tools for creating unique presentations quickly.

Wepik online editor is user-friendly and features a broad set of features. With its intuitive interface and support for multiple languages and devices, Wepik makes designing simple. Users can quickly locate specific elements with its search optimization feature.

Wepik offers a free photo editing tool, perfect for quickly creating eye-catching designs with minimum effort. Users can select photos and apply filters, crop, adjust image size and brightness as well as add text, change fonts and add or remove backgrounds from photos using Wepik’s free background removal feature.

Wepik is an ideal platform for businesses that require professional presentations quickly. The templates can be highly personalized to match your brand identity with customizable colors and fonts – Wepik even provides templates tailored specifically to specific occasions – such as restaurant menu templates designed to promote special dishes or events!

Wepik provides designers looking for creative inspiration with its vast collection of free graphics and icons, user-friendly editing tool and extensive template library. Additionally, Wepik features an app available on mobile devices that makes accessing and editing simpler on-the-go.


Visme is an online visual design tool that makes creating multiple types of content easy, including presentations, infographics, charts and social media graphics. With features for adding effects, links and text – including its intuitive user-friendly interface that’s user-friendly even for beginners – Visme offers both a free trial period as well as affordable premium plans.

Once your project has been created in Visme, designing can begin by selecting from the left-side menu options. Selecting “Presentations,” for instance, will display all available templates. Visme also features a search function so that it’s easy for you to locate exactly the template that meets your needs – each industry and purpose-related template makes this search function especially helpful in finding just what you need!

Visme makes visualizing easy. Save and save often to avoid losing work; share completed projects via link; print it. Customize designs according to your own style by choosing from its selection of fonts and icons; use animation styles for added charm!

Canva is designed to serve business owners looking for ready-made, editable materials. However, its tool kit is slightly more advanced than Canva and allows users to create impressive presentations, infographics and papers more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, Canva provides more support channels while HTML5 output is also possible with this platform.

Visme stands out as an intuitive design tool with an accessible user-interface and extensive library of templates that makes creating stunning visuals simple for anyone. Businesses from small and mid-sized enterprises alike have taken notice, opting to use Visme as one of their go-to design solutions; its intuitive interface and vast template selection has proven popular with them as well as newcomers to design. However, some users have reported being frustrated with its lack of priority support and flexible functionality compared to what would be ideal.

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