No matter the task at hand – be it graphic design for a new product launch or creative inspiration for writing – artificial intelligence generated pictures can make your life simpler. These tools allow users to describe what type of AI image they wish for and it then generates images based on that description.

Shutterstock provides an ideal example. Last year, they implemented an AI photo generator that uses contributor photographs and images to generate its own content.


Freepik is an online resource offering users free and premium vector graphics of high quality that they can use in various projects. Their library is regularly updated, offering various ways for you to search its contents – even including an intuitive search engine!

Freepik features an expansive library of photos, vectors, and PSD files as well as several tools designed to assist designers with editing and improving their work. Users can download up to three resources a day without registration; with premium membership this number increases up to ten. Plus over 80,000 free graphics that may be used commercially with proper attribution; plus access to over three million exclusive downloadable assets!

Though Freepik provides an adequate selection of images, its offerings lag behind those found on competitors such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and Envato Elements in terms of libraries, features and software integration; making these services better-suited to professional and commercial needs. In addition to vector libraries, these services feature extensive icon libraries as well as design elements. Freepik also boasts an expansive database of icons.

As well as offering photos and vectors, Freepik also provides PSD templates which can be used for different applications – from business cards and flyers to social media posts and more! Their intuitive editor makes visual creation quick and effortless while their templates feature various styles and sizes to suit different purposes.

Freepik also provides “stories”, or illustrations used for many different applications – logos, icons and website backgrounds among them. Their story editor can be edited using an intuitive drag-and-drop system; plus Freepik provides additional tools like layers and masks which may come in handy when undertaking more complex tasks.

Our library is constantly being refreshed to stay abreast of the newest trends and images, while we also boast an active community of contributors that contribute new content regularly.

Dream by WOMBO

WOMBO Dream is a free mobile app that makes creating stunning artwork easy and fun. Utilizing cutting-edge generative AI, WOMBO Dream takes your ideas and quickly turns them into striking paintings within seconds! There are over 15 art styles to choose from and an accompanying song option, as well as collaboration within its creative community allowing users to collaborate to produce amazing pieces together.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an innovative technique that uses computers to produce art with high levels of realism, making it a versatile creative tool that can be utilized across many fields such as wall art, fashion design, graphic design and video game development. Generative AI is becoming increasingly popular and could even serve to help shape human imagination for years to come.

Generative AI software differs from traditional computer programs in that it analyzes and interprets different inputs to produce different outputs. Generative AI programs can produce anything from cartoonish pencil sketches to photorealism-esque photorealist paintings – as well as complex shapes and patterns impossible for an ordinary human artist to draw by hand. Such technology has quickly become more popular and has even been utilized by companies for creating marketing materials.

This image-generation program utilizes AI based on CLIP algorithm, an open-source neural network trained to detect specific data patterns. Once it receives user-provided textual captions, CLIP analyzes how well each image matches with text, then produces the best outcome possible.

Generating AI images may take more time and effort, but the result can be much more engaging than trying to do it manually. That is why artists and designers are turning to AI for assistance with their projects – such as one artist using AI to improve her work; fashion designer using it transform her designs; tabletop game developer using generative AI; etc.


Craiyon is an AI image generator that lets users quickly and easily create high-quality visuals with just text prompts. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, this free tool turns plain-language descriptions of desired images into high-resolution pixel-perfect pictures in seconds – perfect for everything from social media posts and website designs to eCommerce product images and eCommerce product listings.

Craiyon is powered by a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), which has been trained to link words with images, shapes, and color combinations. Furthermore, its GAN has also been trained to understand nuances of art styles like line thicknesses and differences in perspective – thus mimicking well-known artists with impressive accuracy. However, this new technology has raised ethical issues when it comes to copyright violations; while these concerns are legitimate it is important not lose sight of potential advantages associated with using Craiyon for image-related projects.

Craiyon can save users significant amounts of time by eliminating manual editing and processing, helping businesses save both money and effort when it comes to content production. Furthermore, it enhances image quality by producing crisp lines for each pixel-perfect shot taken using Craiyon.

Note, however, that Craiyon does have several limitations, such as its inability to generate complex images. For example, typing in “lawyer” will return only images featuring people wearing black judge robes; this can be an uncomfortable reminder of how stereotypes seep into AI systems.

Craiyon offers many advanced tools and features that enable artists to produce high-quality digital art, including text options such as fonts and sizes, font customization tools and regular updates with better results each time the software updates itself. Therefore, it is recommended to frequently check for updates and explore all features available through their website.


NightCafe AI makes your artistic vision come to life! Using advanced algorithms, its text prompts and an advanced AI, you can transform any photo into stunning artwork that showcases your unique creativity. Plus, its fast and easy process means your finished creations can be downloaded instantly!

NightCafe stands out from other AI image generators by enabling its users to select custom color palettes and edit images they generate, making the platform suitable for various uses. Furthermore, newcomers can take advantage of a free trial period and credits system; credits earned through community participation may be exchanged for purchase credits at any point during their stay on NightCafe.

This website boasts multiple AI image-generating algorithms and is easy to navigate, offering multiple AI image generating algorithms as well as background images for your artwork to give it more visual appeal. In addition, there are various options for resizing and altering colors to create the perfect masterpiece; there is even an option to save as JPG file for further editing purposes!

NightCafe stands out as another impressive advantage with its free plan offering unlimited Stable Diffusion generator generations as well as daily credits that can be redeemed for more powerful generator settings. Users may upgrade to premium plans to take advantage of additional features and benefits.

NightCafe not only boasts an extensive algorithm library, but it also boasts a vibrant and supportive community of millions of other users. Members can share and discuss AI art, take part in official daily AI challenges and collaborate with other artists – they can even join chat rooms and discussions to meet new friends!

NightCafe does not claim ownership of the works created by its users, yet still respects intellectual property rights. Therefore, it is crucial for them to read and abide by NightCafe’s terms of service before sharing or distributing their art – as well as check whether they possess all required licenses and permission for using reference pictures or any copyrighted content within it.

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